Lencinus Edodes mushroom

The other and better known name of Lencinus Edodes mushroom is Shiitake. It has been cultivated in Japan and China for about 2,000 years but can be found all over the world nowadays. It is the third mushroom after the champignon and the oyster mushroom produced in big volume. Its taste is characteristic and similar to the garlic for its sulphuric compounds (e.g. lenthionine).

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Grifola Frondosa mushroom

The Grifola Frondosa mushroom or the hen-of-the-woods called maitake in Japanese can be found in Europe, Asia, in the north-eastern part of Japan and in the eastern part of North-America. It is a tasty and popular mushroom that provides gastronomic joy and has several important physiologic effects.

Due to the complex researches we know how it works. There are several symptoms or health problems for which it can be used as food or supplement.

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Ganoderma Lucidium mushroom

It has got several names, for example Reishi, sealing-wax mushroom or lingzhi and is supposed to have several fantastic effects. It was mentioned in written documents 2.000 years ago and is supposed to be one of the most effecting herbs in Chine for 4.000 years.

The studies summarising the medical researches emphasise that the ganoderma has beta- glucan content and the fact that if beta-glucans are combined with vitamin C their efficiency can be increased.

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Agericus Blazei Mushroom

Agericus Blazei Mushroom or Brazilian Mushroom lives in Brasilia originally. Its advantageous physiological effects were discovered only in the 60s by Japanese scientists.

The physiological effects of Agericus Blazei Mushroom are the followings:

It might reverse the tumorous processes

It might relieve the side-effects of chemotherapy

It might improve the immune system

It might reduce the triglyceride level

It might reduce the LDL-level of cholesterol and might increase the HDL-level of cholesterol at the same time

It might support the metabolism of the liver, the heart, the lungs and the kidneys

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