Agericus Blazei Mushroom or Brazilian Mushroom lives in Brasilia originally. Its advantageous physiological effects were discovered only in the 60s by Japanese scientists.

The physiological effects of Agericus Blazei Mushroom are the followings:

It might reverse the tumorous processes

It might relieve the side-effects of chemotherapy

It might improve the immune system

It might reduce the triglyceride level

It might reduce the LDL-level of cholesterol and might increase the HDL-level of cholesterol at the same time

It might support the metabolism of the liver, the heart, the lungs and the kidneys


The most important components of Agericus Blazei mushroom are the

polysaccharides: The studies have proved about the polysaccharides supposed to be the main components that they might be able to reverse the development of inflammation and cancer for they support the activation of the immune system. They might be able to improve the patients’ condition suffering from cancer, as well as might reduce the side-effect of the chemotherapy.

The other useful components are the linoleic acid, the olein, the stearic acid and the ergosterol.