It has got several names, for example Reishi, sealing-wax mushroom or lingzhi and is supposed to have several fantastic effects. It was mentioned in written documents 2.000 years ago and is supposed to be one of the most effecting herbs in Chine for 4.000 years.

The studies summarising the medical researches emphasise that the ganoderma has beta- glucan content and the fact that if beta-glucans are combined with vitamin C their efficiency can be increased.

Its physiological effects:

It cleans the blood, is diuretic, stimulates the laxation, saves the liver, detoxicates the organism, supports the heart, regulates the blood-pressure, has got expectorant effect and relieves cough, its adenosine content prevents thrombosis, restores the operation of the pancreas by decreasing the blood-sugar level, restores the balance of the endocrine-gland system, supports the self-healing process of the body, has got a natural relaxing effect, prevents the formation of tumours, blocks the histamine production and the allergic reactions.

Its most important components are the

polysaccharides: they improve our immune system

Germanium (organic): it improves the ability of the blood to take oxygen, can prevent the decay of the tissues

Terpenoids: they improve the digestive system, activate the nucleus of the cell and normalize the cholesterol level

Adenosine: prevents the blood clogs, stimulates the digestion, improves the adrenaline production and controls the blood pH level