mecelium-doboz3d-273x300MeCelium with its high AHCC content being the part of a healthy diet can provide you the feel of energy and vitality!

If you are healthy it can help you to maintain your condition. It can provide you energy and make you resistant to the illnesses and infections.

If you have detected some symptoms or diseases and you use MeCelium as a supplement of your diet it can facilitate your recovery and relieve your symptoms.

How AHCC works:

AHCC triggers the natural immune reaction on both levels of the born and acquired immunity and that’s why it can be used as a supplement for almost any kind of therapy!

The active AHCC component of MeCelium can improve your condition in many different ways and can relieve a lot of symptoms:

  • It improves the immune system
  • It has a liver regenerating effect
  • It can be used as a diet supplement in the therapy of different tumours (AHCC can be especially effective in the therapy of liver, lung, stomach, bowel, breast, thyroid gland, ovarian, testicular, tongue, kidney and pancreatic cancer)
  • It relieves the side-effects of chemotherapy (hair loss, liver damage, nausea and bone-marrow suppression)
  • It relieves the inflammation
  • It prevents the infections during hospitalization
  • It can be used for cardio-vascular diseases
  • It can complete the therapy of diabetes
  • It can be useful against hepatitis
  • It can help to avoid the negative effects of stress
  • It can be used in the therapy of different infections


Eat nothing else just food and supplements of high quality!