The other and better known name of Lencinus Edodes mushroom is Shiitake. It has been cultivated in Japan and China for about 2,000 years but can be found all over the world nowadays. It is the third mushroom after the champignon and the oyster mushroom produced in big volume. Its taste is characteristic and similar to the garlic for its sulphuric compounds (e.g. lenthionine).

Its most important components

The lentinan polysaccharide was extracted from the mushroom first by the scientific team headed by Professor Chikahara. It is a kind of D-glucan compound being one of the best known chemicals against cancer extracted from mushroom. It stimulates the immune system and no dangerous side-effect of it is known. It reduces the blood pressure and the risk of the development of thrombosis for its eritadenine content. This result is provided by transforming the lipoproteins of the body into ones containing less fat and more proteins. The eritadenine reduces the blood cholesterol level as well.

Its physiological effects:

It is especially beneficial for patients suffering from circulatory diseases because it has a relevant potassium and phosphorus content but the sodium content is fairly low.

  • It has an antiviral effect
  • The mushroom is characterised by antibacterial and fungicidal effects.
  • It stimulates the immune system and activates the phagocytes.
  • It blocks the development of tumours.
  • Its mycelium extract protects the liver and relieves the inflammation.
  • It stimulates the insulin production and blocks the development of diabetes.
  • It is used to revitalize and improve the men’s potency.