mecelium-doboz3d-273x300The MeCelium capsule is made of the hyphae, that is the mycelium of 4 medicinal mushrooms: Ganoderma Lucidum, Lentinus Edobes, Grifola Frondosa and Agaricus Blazei produced especially for this purpose. The patented AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) extract is produced from the mycelium (hyphae) of these mushrooms.

The production:

Enzyme is added to the purée of mycelium to facilitate a special process followed by sterilization and extraction of the concentrate to be dried in frozen condition.

The MeCelium has the highest AHCC content (400.9 mg) of the products in the market!

The MeCelium can help to maintain or restore our health for its high AHCC content as a part of a treatment or as a supplement of our diet.

The AHCC is not a medicine but several researches proved the benefits of its usage in both the control groups and the patients having cancer.

A lot of pathological processes can be reversed before they cause serious health problems for the extreme anti-inflammatory effect of AHCC.

AHCC is applied in the therapy of cancer in Japan and the U.S.A. Hundreds of medical publications praise it and there are more than 10 books written about AHCC in Japan.

Complete your diet with MeCelium and make your body resistant to the illnesses and infections!

Eat for your optimal life quality!


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